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Cyborg memory is better than the human brain, so this tracks my wonderful adventures in thought and lets me keep in touch with memories using the autobiography tools of the future!

Writing helps organize your thoughts in a clear way for your own memories as well as to aid others. But writing is difficult and when it’s too important to just throw away in time.

Because of this, there’s always the disclaimer as with all web things that this is always under construction and work in progress.

Rational persuasion

People should be adjusting their beliefs slowly with bayesian reasoning, so you can’t just change their mind in one encounter unless there is something significant. 

Not much reason to bash your own beliefs into your own head without making much of a difference to others unless it scales your own effort. Writing is one means of accomplishing this. You need only write once and let others read, reread, and digest it. Overtime, you’ll get much more out of clearly delineating your thoughts once in the written word than casually talking about it many times with different people. You can always refine what you’ve written to include the strongest arguments on all sides. 

Thus I write. Perchance, I’ll attract others that respect this kind of reasoning.

This bliki will help with that along with random musings longer than 140 characters.

Prior art

Zettlekasten/Xanadu/Wiki/Idea books/Story mapping/mental models

[Slowly] wrangling legacy social media(Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Trello, Medium, Keep, Notes, Docs, etc) into a controlled, centralized network of thoughts.

The internet is be dark and full of terrors. Companies struggling to survive are gathering as much data as possible on people to sell or influence them into do things they don’t want. We, the people, need a relief from these hyperactive, short-term, consumption-focused lives. Long-form content we make and control (or share) ourselves is really important.

This bliki shows the interconnected network of philosophy, business, life, technology and much more. We all share these wonders and connections with each other.

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Napkin logic for thought