Secure and separate concerns in life

On how to transition to a more private and secure digital presence with diversification

Use password managers to make it easier to manage multiple accounts and increase security

Separate out identity into at least two or three (e.g., email/phone/login) so that you can always easily destroy one and still use other methods to notify your network about a new one you create. 

Separate use of technology so no one company has all your data. 

Understand that sustainable use of technology means paying for quality with some subscription otherwise free means they need to survive on your data. 

Separate identities/emails/numbers for sensitive things (finance).

LastPass/1Password: Login credentials

Apple: (Hardware, Location, Phone, OS), Video/audio chat, [TV, Home, Payments]

Carriers/Signal: (Talk, SMS)

Google: (Email, Calendar), (Cloud storage, Documents, Photos), Youtube, [Notes/Reminders, Maps]

Brave/Firefox: Browsing

DuckDuckGo: Search

Amazon: Purchases, Media

Microsoft (LinkedIn, Github): Social Media, professional history/activities

Misc: Random apps for finance, utilities, media

Separation of data

Infrastructure: Large tech companies

Hardware Inputs: Apple

Location: Apple

Login: 1Password

Communication: Apple

Identity Interface(Emails, Phone numbers): Protonmail, Carriers

Storage(docs, photos): Google

Purchases: Amazon

Money: Banks

Activity: Brave/DuckDuckGo

Sensing(reading, watching, listening): Misc subscriptions

Polymatter videos on sustainable/subscriptions/bundles of software