Life aspirations thinking about a child, but can really be applied to anyone.

Born with supportive family of people and pets.

Have fun active, self-unschooling with mastery learning of foundational principles

  • Reading tons of books across genres/subjects
  • Creative music/jazz/art/food
  • Math/Statistics/Physics/Computer science/Engineering
  • Logic/Philosophy/Rhetoric/Persuasion
  • Psychology/Economics
  • Comedy
  • Play all sorts of games, old and new
  • Terrestrial and extraterrestrial travel
  • Multilingual (English/Chinese/Latin/Spanish/French/German/Hindi/Arabic/Esperanto)


  • Dance
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Decathlete/triathlete/bouldering/parkour
  • Team sports leader
  • Adventurer

Advancing the state of the art with explorative, collaborative entrepreneurship of sustainable businesses for freedom

  • Guts and grit
    • Failing, but not catastrophically failing, and recovering along the way
  • Building community of life partners along the way that question them and keep them on their toes

Civic duty to enhance the long-term for all walks of life in a global commonwealth as an empathetic military/political leader and rational optimist

Dies with nothing but a great legacy from integrity, hard work, and critical thinking

Definitely spread your genes if you’ve done this

Freedom to create your ideal world. Maximal luck from being in the right places with the right people.