long-term creative freedom vs status; game theory

compounds itself 24/7

equity is your accountability and consistent brand/integrity

band together with those on the same journey; good character naturally grows network with your own input

asymmetric input vs output; high positive optionality

everyone’s unique and provides some unique combination of skills that can help others like them

utilize the frontier since few people know where that is or how to master it

capitalism doesn’t have to be oppression by those with money/power/fame if you understand it’s an efficient means of communication and stick with those that want long-term creative freedom (possibly a positive sum for everyone), not status (zero sum; can’t grow)

Productize yourself for product/market/founder fit. Be a creative.

Don’t need to take over the world. There’s room in the world for a diverse number of businesses. Many big businesses doing the same thing; even more smaller businesses doing something similar, but unique in specialization or localization. Even with exactly the same business, this offers the world some resiliency in the services or products that are offered.

In the end, it’s about freedom to do what you want when you want it. Freedom to create your ideal future and actualize your dreams. Work for others or work for yourself, it’s up to you.

VCs/Startups working together to accelerate the future as the Research and Development of the world. Ideally, the future should be much better than today. Small chance of accelerating to a future we can’t control that dooms us all.

Read quality books to learn about the past, accept and share possibly foolish/vulnerable, fun things in the present, be generous to build interconnectedness and create your ideal future.