From supermarkets to artists and musicians, there are so many things good and bad; so many different styles and admirers.

They may have no choice but to do what makes sense to them. Maybe others are also interested in their creations.

I read a lot online. When I come across people’s blogs or social media, I checkout a sampling of their work and sometimes subscribe (one of my experiments).

Going through someone’s journal/thoughts/writing/work across years is really interesting. It’s part of why I love biographies; better than in a lot of fiction, I can immerse myself into their life and world. I can put myself in their shoes at a particular point in time as they think through problems, sometimes solving, and sometimes failing. These are real people, making real-life decisions, with real consequencies. You can fast forward or rewind and see what happens. You may be able to learn something from them.

There’s an incredibly diverse amount of content out there, this bliki included (but unfortunately, it’s harder to see things across time unless you dig into the commit history). You can’t read it all, even if it’d be really interesting.

This expanse of diversity can be overwhelming. Or you can embrace the freedom. Perhaps explore the cutting edge for easier problems others aren’t looking at yet. No more unique a cutting edge than the intersection of disciplines.

collaboration to expand outreach

regular creations for mindshare

true human connection and story telling

random chance and creation

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