Value-time (kind of like space-time)

Ideally, everyone is saving a bit of other people’s time with some product/service and the better they are at it, the more profitable they can get.

Thus, the important factors in a business’s success are being the most efficient at saving people time, which includes having a reputable brand with the best/large customer relationship network. 

Root definitions of product/productivity

A lot of efficiency and relationships come from data. It can tell you where bottlenecks are and want people want and thus what to focus your efforts on. 

Prudent storage and usage of that data is paramount. 

Capitalism and consumerism

Save your time; spend it wisely given your opportunity costs.  Spend only as much time as it would cost to replace. May be tricky for things that have a low initial replacement cost like early software that can grow and then have a high replacement cost.

Product/service -  Entertainment, Apple, Foxconn, Samsung, Exxon Mobil; multiplied by users

Distribution -  Exchanges (Amazon, NYSE), Supermarkets, Transportation, Utilities; multiplied by products

Marketing/Creativity -  Google/AdTech, Omnicom, Entertainment; multiplied by users

Productivity -  Microsoft, Square; multiplied by users

Raw materials/Construction/Innovation; multiplied by users