Risks are large, long-term losses. Avoid catastrophes and you can be optimistic about your decision making and make high-potential choices even if they are low probability. This minimizes regret and can allow for a more fulfiling life. You never know how short your life may be and you may only be able to estimate what may happen in the next 20 years or so.

Most things are sold versus bought. Makes sense that it’s too much of a burden for most people to figure out what is the optimal thing for themselves. Heuristics like whatever they’ve seen popularly in advertising/marketing is fine most of the time for non-critical things.

But for important, critical things, think for yourself. What can you do better and/or differently than others that may help move towards more discovery of meaning.

Can you think or act longer-term than others? Can you avoid catastrophe to pursue, potentially, the best outcomes/ideals for the future or leave a legacy that does?