After applying to many schools, I’ve received my acceptances and have decided to accept Dev Bootcamp’s offer to become a boot!

Part of the Phase 0 preparation requires keeping track and explaining a few things, so here it goes!

Growth versus fixed mindset

A growth mindset is basically having the attitude that failing is acceptable because you can learn from failures going forward. You experiment with new things and may fail once in a while, but what you learn from it compounds and keeps encourages you to do even more.

Fixed mindsets are the opposite; you restrict yourself from trying new things because you may fail. And because the world keeps changing, with new people learning new things, you essentially get left behind by not adapting.

I first heard about a growth versus fixed mindset while reviewing some algebra lessons on Khan Academy with my girlfriend. Sal Khan, the founder, had an article talking about a growth mindset and why he would only praise his son for effort rather than results because that would encourage a growth mindset. This made a lot of sense to me and I was interested to hear that it also a superset (and I love supersets!) of grit and some other character traits that I’ve read about from KIPP. Of course I dug a little deeper to learn about growth mindsets and found a TED Talk about it too.

It’s interesting that this attitude in a growth mindset is also related to the Lean software development philosophy of “Think big, act small, fail fast, learn rapidly.” I’ll get to that another day.