Great, sustainable experiences

To improve humanity’s experience, we need developers that can make things that save their time/energy. Thus need to improve developer experience.

Not all about programming languages and their performance or simplicity.

Usually vertically integrated companies or systems are better. Think Apple ecosystem: mostly single way to do things that is the convention (omakase!) keeps focus on humans using products. System76 for linux distro and hardware similar. Fullstack languages like JS and Clojure and Clojurescript can be like that too. Microsoft, and big companies are trying to do this to solidify their positions.

But need to widen the conversion funnel. Simple and easy installation and setup required. Good editor support for varied users, but got to at least accomodate for beginners.

Then comes setting up projects and applications. Frameworks give people a starting point to jump off from. Rails, Luminus microframework do this. Re-frame and Reagent for front-end.

Testing, building, depenency management, deploying with Leiningen and Heroku.

Wait to iterate with quick feedback loops just like REPL.