Watching and learning since 2011. Each wave opened up the possibilities while trading off some of the initial principles for practical transition.

More incentive to support blockchain and profit with majority ownership than to ruin it for the minority. Especially when proofs are expensive (compute, space, time).

Adaptive compute for a changing world collective. Correct wrongs with delegated consensus. Crypto internet computer blockchain machine learning with all the auditable, anonymous data and compute.

Virtual worlds, with eSports and more. Iterate toward global governance bootstrapping (Yunah) Aligning influence, ownership, and identity/authentication Coordinated effort to slow/reverse adverse climate change

Decentralized, aligned cities/countries/economy (internet unions) Democratization of power/influence

Can’t stop distributed ideas and people, especially the younger future. Nearly anyone can create and participate in tokens or initial coin offerings, not just the accredited wealthy.

History of decentralization from empires, to countries, to cities, to companies, to individuals.

Under-managed geographic countries have most to gain from something potentially managed better than corruption/ignorance.

Fragmentation risk with blockchain overload Multi-currency interoperation (virtual and physical)

Constant or fixed inflation rate of currency may mean that it’s difficult to adjust monetary supply for economic factors. (a la Euro or any large, diverse country with inequity/disparity?)

Store of value is small usecase. Still fiat trust in core developers and risk of bugs or collusion. Open source allows anyone to audit, but also very difficult given technical complexity.

Art has long-term potential as endless runway of human creation when necessities are met. Maybe not much use for money in such a utopia. But existing market is small relative to other factors.

Maximum value something greater than global GDP with additional attributed to added opportunities, efficiency, volume, and postive feedback loop.

It will take time and people will get overexcited and that might be good to accelerate to a better state or, at the very least, to learn what works.