8 Random Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. Two of my favorite toys as a kid were a cardboard box and an Oscar the Grouch garbage truck. I still think crushing stuff is awesome.

  2. Although I’m part of an asian family, I don’t think I’ve gotten the full “tiger mom” experience. If anything, I actually think I’ve had the freedom to control my life, but with a sense of responsibility. I guess with great power, does come great responsibility!

  3. Since my dad told me as a kid if you’re going to do something, you should do it the best way, I’ve always been about efficiency. This affects nearly everything I do; I love continually learning and improving on everything from the right way to tie shoelaces to meaning of life stuff. I figure it’s so logical since once you figure something out, it’s worth remembering and easier to remember.

  4. My only exercise is walking through the city long distances (think 40+ blocks daily and the occasional midtown to downtown) and I’m usually thinking about or researching random stuff on the side; chances are I’ll probably talk to you about it if I think it’s relevant, but you can always ask me if you’re curious or if you’re researching something I might save you time.

  5. As a kid, I didn’t listen to much music. All I can remember is turning on the radio once and hearing Howard Stern or something and I thought all radio was inappropriate. That, and our car radio got stolen in Chinatown. Much has change since then with the digital music renaissance and now my 6 AM alarm clock is NPR. It’s always different so you don’t get used to it, you get major news and weather, and there are cool shows!

  6. I haven’t read many books, but I do research things a lot with articles and stuff; I’m an interdisciplinary ideas guy. There are a lot of experiments I conduct for research and one of them over the years has been to read or not to read news at all. Lately I’ve settled on not reading any (Nassim Taleb style). Basically you’ll hear about any “major” news and anything else may be biased and not important.

  7. My religious sojourn: teenage spiritualist Christian, college agnostic, twenty-something secular humanist, lifelong ethical values guy

  8. Between kickball and philosophizing at recess in elementary school, I had a little business selling lead and giving tattoos to kids with erasers. I still have my change from those days in a Crayola “piggy” bank!